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We are sole distributor of WASS digital "mitad" in Europe. Located at the heart of Stockholm, we are managing orders, shipment and delivery at an amazing speed and quality.

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You can order WASS Mitad here!

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Fast to get hot with full temprature control at your hand


Happy customers all over the world are sharing their WASS experiance.

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WASS supports electric and gas energies. You choose what best fits your setup.

Wass Digital Mitad, new generation, efficient way of Cooking Injera

The WASS Electronics Mitad 16″ Grill is ready for the rigours of your home or restaurant kitchen. Tested to endure extended cooking times, you’ll find this heavily researched grill perfect for all your home and restaurant needs. Whether you’re coooking Injera in an Ethiopian Restaurant, Flatbread Chapitas in a Mexican Restaurant The WASS Electronics Mitad will meet your quality needs, ensuring that your guests and family will be delighted by the consistency of your cooking.


WASS Mitad

Some of the advantages of The WASS Digital Mitad 16″ Grill can be summarized as Precise Temperature Control producing a consistent product, Quality Construction, Reduced Energy Consumption, Reduced Downtime, Easy to use and clean. The WASS Mitad 16″ Grill is perfect for cooking or making of Injera, Pizza, Flatbread, Chapatti, Tortillas and many more.

Seifu Show: ሰይፉ በኢቢኤስ ሀይል ቆጣቢ ምድጃ ከሰሩት ኢንጅነር ዋሴ ጋር ቆይታ


Happy Clients

"I bought this grill last year and I’m very pleased with it. I have used it regularly. It heats up beautifully and maintains consistent temperatures. It is amazingly easy to clean. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to finally find a product that works as good as is advertising states it does. Thank you."